PAD 2022 – Day 15

Today’s prompt asked poets to challenge themselves by writing a poem about something they have absolutely no interest in. Though I generally think of myself as curious, and interested to know more about most things, coming up with a topic was surprisingly easy.


My 12-year-old daughter

can better explain “Non-Fungible Token”

than I ever could. The obstinate me,

does not even try.

The future of art, writing, music, creation,

some say, but I don’t understand

a “digital asset,” coveted

like a Rembrandt masterpiece,

rudimentary clipart, auctioned like

an antique vase at Sotheby’s,

or how a Tweet can be valued

as though it were a Rumi original.

Just today, I have heard birdsong

through an open window,

held a rock in my hand, story-striped

in geographic history, and watched

as cirrus clouds feathered a blue-grey sky.

Tangible beauty, not non-fungible.

I may be destined

to live like an ignorant relic,

who will not get with these modern artistic times,

but as long as there is real wonder,

just out my window, for this I’ve got

No F*$?ing Time.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

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