Drabble Challenge — My Word

I decided to take Chuck Wendig up on another challenge because a) it’s fun, b) it gets me writing something and c) this one was short and tricky! Write a little piece of fiction in 100 words or less. It’s called a “drabble”, and here’s my drabbling today:


My Word

“I give you my word,” he says.

What a leap of faith we take — to trust words. I took the leap with Jake, five years ago on our wedding day. I believed my Mom, when she swore I wouldn’t always feel as hollow as I did the day our baby died.

Then there’s this man, with his rotting teeth and red rimmed eyes. Even through my blouse I can feel the cold blade against my belly.

“Give me your purse and I give you my word, I won’t hurt you.”

I have no choice but to leap.