PAD 2022 – Day 28

A small thought, seeded by the 30/30 prompt “filled with odds”

a week later

your nightstand drawer

filled with odds
and ends
of a life

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PAD 2022 – Day 26

An untitled micropoem after the 30/30 prompt “personal effects.”

the personal effect
of carrying your nightgown,
glasses, wedding ring,
in a plastic grocery bag,
still felt in my chest
seven years later

PAD 2022 – Day 2

For today’s PAD challenge, I went with the 30/30 prompt “corresponding with ghosts.” Fitting, because today would have been my Mom’s 79th birthday, so ghosts of a sort are on my mind.

I came up with a short poem, inspired by a ouija board, that I might expand on at some point. My one line to share is:

I don’t need a planchette to lead me to you. There are always dreams,

strange and funny. Absurdity is a good balm.

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