PAD 2022 – Day 10

Today’s prompt called for a “love poem.” I have never been very good at writing those, and I think today’s micro-poem proves that again. 🙂

Love Affairs

The important ones leave you marked –

a soft scar

you can trace

any time you feel yourself slipping.

Photo by Tatiana on


PAD 2021 – Day 3

Working today from the 30/30 prompt “cold sweat.” I frequently have nightmares, including last night! Even so, I love reading about the origins of the word and artistic depictions throughout history.

If it’s just a bad dream then why is it that

the worst ones
don’t leave the chest
even after you’re awake?
You might breathe fine 
throughout the day,
cold sweat dried, racing heart
but still it presses,
a burrowing worry
that drinks air
and reason
through its blackened roots.

The Nightmare, 1781 oil painting by Anglo-Swiss artist Henry Fuseli. 

PAD 2019 – Day 30

The final day! Woot! To anyone who’s been reading my poems, thank you. I write and post these drafts to keep myself on track, but it’s always nice to have the kind eyes of others on them too.

Today I decided to include all three of the prompt sites I’ve been using this month. A bit of a challenge since NaPoWriMo called for a micropoem. Packing more into less. That’s what poetry’s all about in many ways. So I tried to squeeze in the Poetic Asides call for a “stop” poem and the Stroll of Poets “standing in line” prompt.


tourist rest stop



by the rocky mountains


in the bathroom line


i hear “beautiful”

in six languages