PAD 2021 – Day 4

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today asked poets to scroll through the photos posted on the Liminal Spaces Twitter feed and choose one to write about. There are many interesting and strange photos there, but this is one that sparked something for me.

Afterhours Mall

It’s a space reserved for
fashionable ghosts materializing
to try on Ray Bans,
lost children who never 
made it to the information
booth and withered at the 
bottom of a bin 
of glass-eyed teddy bears
as big as their fathers, 
trapped spirits of 
teens who’ve huddled together
like matched penguins 
outside a GAP
to protect themselves
from a cold wind of
or still-warm apocalypse bodies,
seeking security and supplies
in a place that has everything, 
neatly hung and shelved 
for accessible looting
and long, open paths, with
unobscured visibility 
as they scramble from one end
to the next to escape 
a tenacious,
undead horde.