PAD Challenge – Day 7

A week into the challenge, and I’m still hanging on. Some days the right¬† words (or at least the right ones for the moment…) have come easier than others.¬† Whether they enter the world racing like a hare or plodding like a tortoise, at least there’s something new for me to play with and polish.

Today’s prompt from Poetic Asides was to write an Urban _____ poem. I wouldn’t normally choose a title like this, but I’m sticking to the rules for this one.

Urban Night


2 a.m. —

the last bus

shrieks at the drunk girls.


On 93rd

a woman’s staccato steps

stutter over broken glass.


Quiet alley

two rats make peace

for the pizza crust


Something is always

awake and tossing,

insomniac city.


Over at This Is Not A Literary Journal, the prompt asks poets to go outside, observe and write. I think this is always a great way to get ideas stirring, and I hope I can find a few minutes to do it today.

The NaPoWriMo site suggested trying a Tritina. I wasn’t familiar with this form, which reads like a sestina, only in threes. But after reading a few samples online, including the beautiful example piece by David Yezzi, I am now a fan. I find following a form to be extra challenging, but also rewarding when it works. Bookmarking this to try later. Maybe I can use all those lovely outdoor observations for inspiration.