PAD 2019 – Day 17

A short one today because I’m busy, and also disheartened about the results of the election in my province. Want to stay optimistic about the future, both the social and environmental aspects of it, but some days that’s hard.

The NaPoWriMo prompt asked for a poem that presents a scene from an unusual point of view, like a rainstorm from a raindrop’s viewpoint. My take didn’t have that potential for beauty, but it was fun to write in the midst of my political wound-licking.


Comment From The Platform


I’ve propped you up for months

in rhetorical fashion,

and you stood on me last night

to declare your plans and passion.

Please don’t blame me,

when your lies are exposed

and the support goes a’crashin.



NaPoWriMo – Day 21

The prompt today suggested playing with the myth of Narcissus in some way. Couldn’t stop my brain from going straight to 45.


Presidential Self-Assessment


I’ve got the proof

right here

in my golden mirror.


How dazzling.

How powerful.

How brilliant.

How great, not again,

but always.


I think,

therefore I am,

whatever I think I am.

And aren’t I amazing?


It’s fake news,

don’t believe

that I’m not all I see.


You’d see it too,

if you had a

reflection like me.