Hey, wanna vote for my poem?

Exciting! I’ve made the finalists for the Passion:Poetry contributor competition. The first round was judged by the journal….the next is by voting on facebook. And then the top five make it to the final round for blind judging. Sort of a weird way to do it, but any excuse to get poetry out there is good enough for me.

If you are so inclined to vote for me, or include the link on your own facebook page, that would be super awesome. The page is sort of confusing, and the poems are anonymous, but the first link below is mine. The poem is titled “Afterwards”.

https://www.facebook.com/passionpoetrymag/photos/a.324868571007546.1073741830.163648643796207/324868587674211/?type=3&theaterIf you look at the bottom of my poem page there’s a link to the voting poll. But the direct link to the voting page is here:


I think this only goes on for a week or so. They were delayed getting it up there, so I am not sure how long they plan to keep it up before going to the next round.


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