Culture Days Weekend!

Today marks the start of Culture Days in communities all across Canada. I am always pleased about this particular weekend, because any chance to bring free arts, entertainment and culture events to the forefront is pretty awesome in my books. But this year is especially exciting because I will get to be a spectator and a performer. Earlier this fall I was excited to learn that a poem I entered into the Edmonton Poetry Festival’s The Poetry Route competition was selected as part of the winning four. It’s not rolling on buses just yet, but the festival has kindly invited the winning poets to take part in a special weekend of poetry and storytelling with the theme of “Where We Come From.” First time I’ve read a poem publicly in, oh, about 20 years! So I am nervous and excited. And the other writers taking part are spectacular. If you’re around Edmonton on Sunday, come check it out:

Where We Come From – Sunday, September 28, Government House

There are a ton of other great things going on in this city, and probably in yours too. The opportunities to create, participate in and appreciate the varied and amazing spectrum of arts and culture in Canada are limitless. Here is the link to the national site, to find out what’s happening where YOU come from:





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