Poem: Toy Pitch

A response inspired today by the prompt for “gripe” poems at Poetic Asides and an article I just read about gender labelled toys. This is something I rant about regularly to anyone who will listen. Makes me nostalgic for my own childhood play, when my Lego came in all colours and my Strawberry Shortcake miniatures rode around on Hot Wheels.

Toy Pitch

Imagine a voluptuous blonde

garbed in mean-business black boots

and a camouflage suit.

This Barbie is battle-ready, baby.

Hair flowing

Gun cocked

This collector’s edition

here for a limited time

to reinforce every myth

you’ve ever learned about

toys, toys for girls and boys.

Wrap her tight in two boxes:

bright pink for the little ladies,

dark blue for the men-in-training

and double our sales.

Don’t forget to shelve them

in the right spots,

designated by hue,

by gender,

by shame for any kid

who dares to venture

into the wrong aisle.


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