PAD 2017 – Day 2

Doing a bit of prompt mixing today with the the suggestion to write a poem inspired by a recipe, and the Writer’s Digest “not today” prompt. Today would’ve been my Mom’s 74th birthday, so this one’s still at the fresh-from-the-sentimental-oven stage.


How to Celebrate


To do it right

I’d make you a cherry pie,

the perfect crust, flaky and just brown,

sticky sweet filling bubbling at the edges

and a fork-print “M” in the centre

for Mom.


To do it right

I’d celebrate your birthday

with tulips and a tune,

Song Sung Blue, a hot cup of coffee,

a mucky walk along

the river.


To do it right

I’d gather photos of you,

before I was born,

before any of us were,

and your hair fell past

your shoulders.


To do it right

I’d read that soft smile

for the woman you were,

more on your lips

that I wish you could

tell me.


My Alberta poem share today is by Calgary poet Tyler B. Perry, titled “I don’t teach subjects; I teach students.” It’s one of my favourites from his first book, Lessons in Falling.


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