PAD 2019 – Day 5

Today I mixed the “stolen” theme of the Poetic Asides prompt with a Stroll of Poets prompt asking for a “roadside attraction” poem. First thing that came to mind was the numerous roadside zoos I used to see when I lived in Ontario.


At the Jungle Wildlife Park


Small road off the busy road,

a line of cars snaking forward,

packs  of tourists inside,

restless but contained.


Dads wearing exhausted faces

as kids come pouring out of backseats

feet stirring up gravel as they sprint

for the sign they’ve been teased by

for the last fifteen clicks — a leopard’s face

inside a giant black paw.


Promises beyond the gate:

big cats, big thrills, big fun.

Nature as you’ve never seen it before.


parrot sitting on a metal bar

lemur dangling from an old tire

puma batting a basketball

tiger cub sleeping on a rocking chair


Step back from the cage

unless you’re here for the photo.

Half-price today for kids ten and under.

Hold a wolf pup or monkey,

don’t forget to smile.

What a steal for the chance to

see something so wild.



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