PAD 2020 – Day 4

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt asked for a poem based on an image from a dream. Several weeks ago (long before I watched Tiger King) I had a vivid dream about lions. It was one of those dreams that felt so real as I was having it, and has barely faded in its sharpness.


I Had a Dream About a Pride of Lions


loose in a field next to a Lloydminster gas station.

A young male ambled over to our car, sniffed at the crack in the door

where my daughter sat, wide-eyed and trembling, in the back seat.

Can he get in, Mommy?

And as I was telling her no, he stood, front paws on the window,

huge amber eyes staring, a thin string of saliva dangling from his fang.


an angry lion

Photo by Petr Ganaj on


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