PAD 2020 – Day 13

Followed the NaPoWriMo prompt today to compose a sort of non-apology for things you’ve stolen. Came up with a short and silly list poem.


I’m no thief, but look closely and you’ll find


several spoons not native to my cutlery collection nestled in a kitchen drawer

my secret stash of candy, looted from my daughters’ Halloween buckets

two horror novels once lent to me by a person I no longer wish to talk to

socks my aunt let me borrow last Christmas — oh so cozy, so I’ll consider them a gift

quotes nicked from popular films, strategically doled out when I think I’ll get a laugh

a handful of pens from my former employer

a few small notebooks from that same employer (what writer can resist a notebook?)

a stolen moment up against the fridge while the kids played in the next room

these final words, pinched from Eminem’s lips:

                    No apologies! Nah, suckers, I’m not sorry


blur close up coffee coffee cup

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