PAD 2021 – Day 1

Today’s prompt called for a way to “derange” yourself by experiencing something strange, like this animated version of “Seductive Fantasy” by Sun Ra and his Arkestra, and then writing the poem. What resulted for me is more abstract than normal, but half the fun of poetry month is experimentation.

Colour Theory With Closed Eyes

There are colours in a dream that don’t exist in conscious spectrum.
Ways to pigment the expanse of the universe, or the depths of an ocean so
they’re more than limitless black. More than unbounded imagination.
Musical hues are alive in dreams too, the rhythm-tinted synapse from brain to heart to 
compelled body, must move, must dance, must flow towards something freer, wilder
than wakeful inhibition. Than all the reasons to think ourselves out of instinctual happiness.
The beginning and end of the world exist in a colour-wheel driving you through sleep reverie,
recording the Been-There-Felt-Thats and plotting the What-Could-Bes in vibrant shades and shapes you’ll strive to sketch when you’re awake. Yearn for when you reach into the pencil box 
and keep pulling nothing but charcoal. 

Still from Sun Ra Arkestra – Seductive Fantasy (a Chad Van Gaalen animation)

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