PAD 2021 – Day 9

I am not sure what I wrote today even qualifies as a poem, but it was a fun to write. The prompt called for a poem in the form of a “to-do list.” The suggestion was to make it a “to-do list” of an unusual person or character. For example, what’s on the Tooth Fairy’s to-do list? Or on the to-do list of Genghis Khan? Of a housefly? The list can be a mix of extremely boring things and wild things. For some reason, the first character I thought of was The Mothman.

Mothman’s Friday To-Dos

Trim beard
Do 50 sit ups
Do 50 wing extensions
Clean coffee pot
Build bridge out of sugar cubes
Knock it down
File & paint claws
Gather doom for later harbingering
Dust bookshelves
Remove thorns from feet
Buy sunglasses
Call Mom
Tribute statue of The Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia


PAD 2020 – Day 21

Who is in the mood for some utter nonsense? I tried the NaPoWriMo prompt today asking for a “homophonic translation” (words translated simply based the sound) of a poem in a language you don’t understand. I’ve included the original, untitled Dutch bit of text I found online, followed by my gobbledegook translation and an equally odd title. Certainly no danger of creating my own version of the genius Jabberwocky here.  My sincere apologies to anyone who understands Dutch.



Door of One


His state and mine go hugging, go great

all seen – backpack, door of one

after, again open my hood


travelling more, moving west to creek.


c99a71b389bed135cd633adff30fafb8 - Dutch poet Bert Schierbeek